Digital Cambodia 2020: Biggest Digital Expo Towards Digital Talents

Local, regional, and international digital technology professionals, entrepreneurs, and enthusiasts will gather in Phnom Penh, Cambodia to attend the second, and much anticipated three-day long Digital Cambodia 2020, which will include an expanded agenda and more exciting speakers.

Hosted by the National Institute of Posts, Telecoms, and ICT (NIPTICT), which is the digital tech education and research establishment for youth, Digital Cambodia 2020 is one of the largest digital and technology events in Southeast Asia, guided by the visionary leadership of government and private sector leaders committed to building the digital foundation of Cambodia’s rapidly growing and evolving economy.

As local, regional, and global participants prepare for their arrival in Phnom Penh, plans are set to make Digital Cambodia 2020 the premier digital technology conference by focusing on the most important and pressing digital technology issues and topics.

Digital Cambodia 2020 will feature 120 speakers, 200 exhibitors, and more than 30,000 visitors from 50 countries, representing governmental and diplomatic institutions, telecommunication operators, ICT service providers, technology development companies, banks, microfinance institutions, startups, NGOs, educational establishments, and development partners.

Along with NIPTICT, supporting governmental organizations include the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications, Ministry of Economy and Finance, Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, Ministry of Industry and Handicrafts, Ministry of Commerce, and the Ministry of Labor and Vocational Training. The private sector sponsor organizations include Smart Axiata, Metfone, Cambodia’s largest and second-largest telecommunications providers respectfully, and ICT, as the three main contributors, Tada as the transportation partner, Huawei Technology (Cambodia), and CFOCN, and is co-organized by Sabay Digital Corporation and Compass Advertising, Cambodia’s leading digital advertising firms.

With the ultimate goal of preparing Cambodia for a digital economy, and to demonstrate the growth potential of digital technology, Digital Cambodia 2020 serves specific developmental purposes. These include to 1) establish a national platform to showcase Cambodia as an attractive destination for investment in digital, telecommunications, and information technology; 2) Discuss progress of the development of policies, legal framework, and education under which Cambodia’s digital economy may thrive; 3) highlight and promote the importance of digital and information technologies, and telecommunications to improve productivity and efficiency, improve education, strengthen technical skills, so as to increase Cambodia’s competitiveness regionally and internationally; 4) Bring together professionals and leaders in the digital and information technology, and telecommunications space, as well as governmental institutions, investors, tech startups, research institutions, to exchange ideas, learn and promote best practices, exchange experiences, discuss trends and challenges in the digital and information technology, and telecommunications sectors, and what problems can be solved through technology; 5) promote and encourage entrepreneurship and innovation; and 6) Allow entrepreneurs and startups to develop their network, and meet with potential funding companies.

Notable Digital Cambodia 2020 events include:

  1.  ASEAN ICT minister forum and dialogue between the ASEAN ICT ministers and private sector actors from the region and around the globe;
  2. Forums for tech startups;
  3. Forums for digital technology developers;
  4. Conferences and workshops for leaders and professionals to share information related to the latest developments and the future of digital tech;
  5. National and regional digital expos;
  6. Bestow Cambodia ICT Awards, Women in Tech Awards, USO and CBRD Funds Awards, and Young Entrepreneur Awards for creative and innovative tech products.

Across the three action filled days, participants will enjoy topics and exhibits such as coding, FinTech, AgriTech, Big Data, AI, design thinking, Smart Homes, e-Sports, Cambodia digital talent, e-Commerce and digital economy policy, technology ecosystem, funding, fund raising and pitching. Furthermore, participants will hear firsthand from ASEAN digital ministers and ASEAN digital talent.

Through the support and leadership of key government officials, Digital Cambodia 2020 will be made possible, each having made immeasurable contributions to Digital Cambodia, and efforts to establish a strong foundation for long-term, sustainable digital growth and transformation.

“The National Institute of Posts, Telecoms, and ICT is proud of the collective efforts from the government and private sectors to create an outstanding platform from which to build Cambodia’s digital future, and to promote Cambodia as a leader in digital technology. In keeping with our stated goal of building Cambodia’s digital future, the theme for 2020 is Digital Talent. Digital Cambodia 2020 will reinforce digital and information technology, and telecommunications as a priority sector for development in Cambodia”, said H.E. Dr. Seng Sopheap, Director of NIPTICT.

H.E. Dr. Kan Chanmeta, Secretary of State of the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications (MPTC), and the 1st Vice Chief of the CBRD Fund Council said that Digital Cambodia 2020 contributes to achieving the 2019-2020 plan of capacity building, and research and development of telecommunication and ICT, set out by CBRD Fund Council, to 1) Promote human resource development for ICT; 2) Promote research and development, and innovation in ICT; and 3) Promote the development of tech startups.

“Policies being developed by the Royal Government of Cambodia, in particular those related to preparing the country for the digital economy, align with a long-term vision to make Cambodia a leader in digital technology”, sand H.E. Tram Iv Tek, Minister of MPTC. H.E. went on to say that, “Digital Cambodia 2020 highlights Cambodia’s commitment to building a digital economy, and emphasizes the priority we place on building digital talent right here in Cambodia.” He believes that the support of the skills development of talented youths will contribute to achieving the Rectangular Strategy for the Royal Government of the 6th mandate, in particular the preparation for a digital economy and the 4th industrial revolution.

Digital Cambodia 2020 will be attended by the Minister of MPTC and approximately 120 speakers who have contributed to the development of digital economy. 200 exhibition stands can be visited at this event which is expected to be attended by more than 30,000 people from national and international institutions, including governmental/diplomatic institutions, telecommunication operators, ICT service providers, technology development companies, banks, microfinance institutions, startups, NGOs, educational establishments and development partners.